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ELAI GRUPP was established  in 1996  as a private accounting and auditing firm with a strict focus on B2B  relations. The company has three main areas of  activities: accounting and taxation  consultancy,  authorised  public  accountant  services  (both  external  and  internal  financial audit) and training for accountants (certified by the Estonian Ministry of Education & Research).
ELAI GRUPP operates across the whole Estonian market without branching. It employs 7 professional  consultants  and  applies  external  consultancy  weather  required.  The  company  is headed by an Authorised Public Accountant and Taxation Advisor Mrs. Jelena Ivanova.


ELAI GRUPP is offers the full range of accounting and financial services for a business organisation, which includes:
‣   Financial Accounting (Bookkeeping, Compliance and Financial Statements)
‣   Management Accounting (Reporting, Internal control, Budgeting)
‣   Business Administration (Issue of invoicing, Payment processing, Registrations)
‣   Tax Advisory (Tax accounting, Business tax, International tax)
‣   General Administration (Legal address and post handling, Client representation, Archiving)
‣   Payroll Accounting (Salary calculation, Payroll records)
‣   Payroll Administration (Employer records, Employment law, Contracts)
‣   Company Formation (Establishment, Acquisition, Liquidation)
‣   Cross Border Business (Expansion, Tax planning, Corporate structuring)
‣   Financial Statement Audit
‣   Internal Audit
‣   Financial Due Diligence
‣   Training